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We naturally provide the best service and surroundings, creating a bespoke spa-style experience in the comfort of your own home or hotel room.

We specialize in couple therapies, blending busy lifestyles with quality time with loved ones, family or friends.

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What? Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation

Why? lowers stress levels by reducing the amount of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, removing tension, creating a feeling of ease and mental clarity, and uplifting the mood


What? A Thai massage is a method of non-invasive therapy incorporating pressure points, pulling, stretching and compression – With or without oil.

Why? – Releases full body tension and promotes relaxation.


What? The Swedish massage utilizes five different stroke methods to treat mild to intense pains across the whole body

Why? – Stiff joints or full-body aches and pain.


What? Japanese massage rooted in Chinese medicine employing elbows, knees and feet to eliminate blockages that keep the body’s energy force, or Qi, from flowing freely.

Why? Stress release, improving circulation and production of oxytocin


A blend of massage techniques from around the globe, specifically designed for your individual needs. For all over stress and tension release blended with relaxation


What?  Alternates between gentle and hard pressure, using a specific blend of personalized essential oils through skin contact and diffusion.

Why? Gently improve your physical and mental well-being


What? Reflexology breaks the body down into ten “zones” and utilizes nerves signals in the hands and feet to release muscle tension

Who? – Pin point pain relief and nerve therapy.

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Deep Tissue Sports

What? Kneading, pressure and repetitive motion techniques, relieving tension in deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia.

Why? Releases chronic tension, helps improve range of motion and promotes quicker recover from stress and injury.


What? A side reclined massage aiming to relieve pregnancy pains for expecting mothers

Why? Expecting mothers, past 24 weeks, suffering with pain, depression, insomnia and anxiety


What? Cupping is the Application of pressure to several areas by suctioning a cup onto the skin.

Why? – Short term pain management or muscle tightness.

Hot Stone

What? A therapy developed from the Swedish massage, incorporating heated volcanic rock placed and moved around the body.

Why? –Relieves Muscle pain, specifically along the spine, abdomen, chest, or face


What? A Cupping style therapy, using heated Ventosa instruments, suction and herbs.

Why? promotes cell repair and creates new blood vessels.

Thai Hot Compress

What? Therapeutic herbs wrapped in a steamed compress, applied to the body by pressing, gliding and rolling.

Why? Soothes and re-energizes the body, abdomen and internal organs

Collagen Treatment

Pink Quartz roller facial with collagen serum.

Stimulates lymphatic system, combats puffiness and water retention – helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen oil Helps improves elasticity, strengthens and hydrates.

LED Light Therapy

Our LED facial masks use UV-FREE colour light therapy to increase blood flow, circulation, collagen production, skin healing, acne reduction.

Our LED facial masks use UV-FREE colour light therapy to increase blood flow, circulation, collagen production, skin healing, acne reduction.

Cyanine- soothes inflammation and irritated skin.
White – Accelerates tissues metabolism
Purple – Improves lymph metabolism and distresses.
Red – elastin and collagen production.
Green – Pigmentation and fine lines.
Blue – kills bacteria and tightens skin.
Yellow – smooths skin and reduces redness.


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